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Easy, Quick and Reliable

Sysnet Consultants email hosting platform has been developed over several years back, making it extremely robust and intuitive to use. Key features of our email hosting solution include:

  • Integrate with Outlook (or your favorite email client) using IMAP or POP3
  • A beautiful Webmail client that acts just like a desktop email client
  • Mobile sync support, so that you can take your contacts, calendars, tasks and notes with you as you travel
  • Easy administration for all of your employees – easily add/remove mailboxes
  • Huge storage – Which can be upgraded to much higher storage per mail quota according to your needs.
  • Friendly support by phone, email or live chat provided by our in-house team
  • Free migration – we’ll help you get all of your data on to our system with no downtime

Technology that won’t let you down

Email outages are usually measured in real dollars lost. All of your mailboxes will reside on multiple servers that automatically failover to each other if there’s ever an issue. In addition to this, we keep a separate spool of your mail just as an extra bit of insurance. We’ve developed this technology over several years , so you can rest assured that your mailbox will always be open for business.

Need archiving too?

Whether for convenience or compliance, there are many reasons why your business might need or like to archive your mailboxes. With sysnet’s archiving solution, we can automatically archive your mailboxes and provide you with real-time access to an index of your entire business’ email, all searchable within seconds. It’s integrated right in to Webmail, so that you’ll never have to go far to access your data.

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